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” These moments were important in my life, to realize I could do something as well or better than him and to hear his pride in me watching me do something I was good at. No distractions, radios, televisions, cell phones, none of that. It was there he taught me, led me, guided me to the conclusions that he already knew. Using a skiing metaphor, he would tell me “Don’t look at the tips of your skis, extend your vision.” It was during these conversations he built me, helped restore my confidence, and prepared me to become a man he would be proud of.

I was contemplating the biggest career move of my life, up to that point and time.

” A few minutes later we would be in the car, donuts in hand, smiling little faces as we turned that final winding corner looking at up at the face of Capitan. These times on the slopes in Ruidoso as a boy are some of my most favorite memories as a family. Something that we didn’t do so much as something we were. As a young boy, his shadow loomed over me as I wondered if I could ever do what he’d done, go the places he’d gone, achieve the things that he’d achieved, be the man that he seemed to me to be then. It would be several years later, after some years where I had let him and myself down, where he would pick me up in the car at my Albuquerque apartment at 5 AM as we would head south toward Ski Apache.

It was two men trying to find their common ground again, and father and son heading out for a day on the slopes.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family during these difficult times. I will be unable to attend the service, but Larry will be there. Our hearts are sad to think that we have lost such a wonderful friend and cousin by marriage as Buster Edwards. If I posted the names of all the people Jean was praying for it would take up this whole page, so to all the people who knew and loved Jean the way we did, a heart felt thanks from her family, and may you have a blessed christmas knowing Jean is celebrating with The One we are celebrating, Jesus!

He will be dearly missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him. You were always welcome in his and his wife, Jean Wann Edward's, home and in their hearts. I was so saddened to hear that Becky had passed away.

I was interviewing for a new role, they had offered me the job.

It was less money than I was making before, but there was commission.

We had many good times at "Hill"..was a wonderful college friend. My Jeannie, growing up ,sharing a bedroom,hanging out together, I am so very thankful I have so many memories. We have faith we will hang out again someday, until eye on us.Dad faced these challenges with grace, optimism, and privacy never wanting to burden others.I was proud of his work achievements and our common career path.I was nervous about it, knowing that performance based pay meant that I would have to be successful or risk making significantly less.I asked him what do, go for it or stay where I was and play it safe. That small step led to another, and now over 15 years later this job has become a career.