Mcafee epo not updating

You might also want to modify the Virus Scan User Interface properties on the policies tab for your site to disable the default autoupdate task schedule so that only the e Policy schedule applies.I use the "enable global updating" option in e Policy.I need to set and autoupdate daily task to run at am every morning. Repository update you can't really miss when creating the job.Client DAT update there's a schedule tab when you go into properties (it defaults to the Task tab).

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Next, edit the task and click settings, uncheck the Inherit box and select the updates you want e Policy to update, as you can see you can have it just do the DAT or both the DAT and the engine and the e Policy agent as well to name just a few.

With this enabled, the entire process is automatic.

Once the e Policy server is updated, the distributed repositories get their updates.

Our setting vary per domain but it generally starts around 6am and repeats hourly, we do a DAT pull task every 25 minutes.

Are you referring to the Auto Update task that appears in the Virus Scan Console at the PC itself?