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I was breathing like I had just finished running a mile and watching a thin, white drop form at the head of his cock.

He reached down and lifted my leg up high, exposing my panties as my skirt opened for him.

I did something at my bachelorette party that I thought was totally shameful at the time. It was a nice experience but certainly not spectacular.

It was really out of character for me but it turned out to be one of those life-changing experiences. We had sex fairly regularly after that and it got a little better.

I realized that his hand was moving under my blouse and he quickly had a nice white titty at his fingertips.

He teased my nipples, making them incredibly hard then pushed hard against my breasts, flattening them as I fell against the wall.

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Most of us looked pretty good even though a few, including me, had shortened those skirts way beyond what was allowed in high school. She started some music and a huge black man strutted down the stairs. I couldn’t believe I was even thinking about flashing him. Then he said, “Watch what you’re doing to me.” With that, he tugged at the side of his thong and it ripped away.

My party was on a Friday night, the same as Ted’s bachelor party. Mark’s is a nice little parochial school where Ted and I went all 13 years. Just before midnight, Carla asked if I was ready for my special present.

We both figured we would need Saturday to recover for our Sunday afternoon wedding at St. Carla suggested the theme; we all came dressed in our parochial school clothes. “OK, ” I said, just a little nervous about what she might have in mind. You KNOW he’s going to love it…now show me what you got.” He stared at my pelvis. ” He smiled and began a slow up and down thrust in time with the music.

I hadn’t worn a bra and they were standing out under my blouse. I felt my hand move through the mass of rough, black hair surrounding his cock. I looked up at him, he was almost a foot taller and realized he was staring at the tops of my breasts.

He brought his hand up, cupping my breast and using his thumb to feel my nipple through the thin cotton. He caught my hand and slowly moved it down his chest. “You have some nice white titties,” he said as I felt my hand instinctively curl around his cock.