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But in the past couple of weeks I've really gotten to where I feel a lot more comfortable about going out and doing and being out an about and being observed." Earnhardt said simple trips to the store were a challenge."I go to Target or somewhere and I have symptoms and I might stumble across the aisle or something, or need a little more sidewalk than a normal guy," he said.and Amy Reimann had an affair that broke up Reimann’s marriage with former Kentucky football player, Tommy Cook.

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NASCAR's golden boy tied the knot Saturday night to Amy Reimann, who he got engaged to last June.He has been very diligent about doing his therapies and we actually have very specific treatments that are targeting these problems that Dale has and we are seeing the benefits of that."When I first saw Dale a month and a half ago, I can tell you he was pretty sick," said Collins, who said Earnhardt was having problems with both his vision and balance as well as anxiety and mood swings. He is having fewer and fewer symptoms and is doing very well.All I can say is that your (Enquirer) story’s true. Some facts are indisputable however, and some of those facts are that Cook and Reimann are getting divorced (or already are divorced) and Dale Jr.and Amy Reimann are now “dating.” With no wins on the season, maybe Earnhardt should consider a new girlfriend to turn his track fortunes around. and Amy Reimann made their first public appearance together at the 2011 NASCAR awards.