Resentment of east asian women dating white men

A lot of these individuals of these groups also dislike blacks, because they are being “propped up” without innate substance.

Liberal whites probably dislike East Asians and also South Asians because their success seemingly confirms the conservative narrative that America is not a racist country and that minorities can succeed if they pull themselves up by their boot straps.

Asians and South Asians don’t need white liberals to save them and white liberals resent it.

Also white liberals probably resent the fact that Asians and South Asians are not liberal enough.

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White liberals prefer their minorities poor and dependent so white liberals can get the ego boost of being their savior.Defenders of the practice argue men who approach women on the street are "just being friendly," but Shaw's case shows the dark possibilities women face when strangers invade their space.And since I'm Asian and speak fluent English, people have assumed on more than one occasion that I only date white men, making me an easy target for people with "yellow fever" and the subject of ludicrous, demeaning essays, like this one.But while South Asian racism against blacks is largely cultural, I believe East Asian racism against blacks is genetic.I believe humans evolved to hate people who are genetically distant from themselves because these have fewest of their genes.