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I'll make an analogy for my experience dating as single parent: Imagine two jigsaw puzzles of the exact same photograph, but each cut differently by the jigsaw.Then imagine taking every other piece from one puzzle and replacing it with the similarly positioned piece from the other.Because just like the puzzle, no two lives will fit perfectly together.Having said all that, I must emphasize that its not all bad.My advice would be to set your own dating rules and abide by them.Be honest and up front with whomever you are dating that your priority is your children.I have faced more challenges since he's been in school.

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I've been a dad for 11 years, and a single dad for almost seven of them.

Part of what I like about him is that he's also a single dad, and I identify with much of what he portrays on his TV show.

I think he's one of the funniest comics in the business.

They don't have the luxury of having another mate to help him with schedules.

Single parents often have to rely on friends and their community.