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Why would they not just bring a car to me and take the other one back with them? Upon arrival at the advised location, we were informed that this location closed at 1 PM and we had to go to a 3rd location.i ended up having to pay for the tire repair myself and then they refused to credit me the amount back. I was deceived about the location of the car rental facility and would have had to pay a cab approx. I tried to contact personnel to get my money back and was told that a 0.00 cancellation fee was applied even though I never rented the car. Thank goodness I had the cab wait at location #2 or my children and I would have been stranded. Arrived at ACE and had more luggage than would fit in car. Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to.” “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?

” “Excuse me, Im writing a term paper on the finer things in life and i was wondering if I could interview you? Didn't realize I was going to be charged extra for an additional driver until I was reading the fine print. Shuttle arrived promptly both ways and very courteous staff. When I arrived I called and told me that they had no car for me or in the parking lot and to go elsewhere even though I gave my amex when I requested the car and purchased the insurance. After a "catastrophic" flat tire at high speed, I got a replacement vehicle which had an almost "empty" gas tank and was very dirty!The are a couple ways to get around that though, fortunately one which I qualified for. After I returned this replacement vehicle (I was a day late, which was an error on my part!We didn't save the receipt because in past experience, the staff simply turn the car on an see the gas tank reading full...which ours was. It was kind of fun to check out the features and we saved a lot on fuel! Got a some information at check out that wasn't accurate but it worked out ok.Only had to fill up to return and we only use a half a tank for four days. We were told to check in inside on our return to used a different card for the final bill and we needed to bring fuel receipt. Minor argument between me and my husband but all turned out fine.