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This force is powerful enough to send his opponet reeling backwards.

With help from Bella, Han made a few variations to go with his strong foot attack.

Secondary, The steam eminated from his furnece can burn his opponets or create a powerful smokescrean.

Han's primary ability/skill comes from drawing steam from his special Steam armor, that he created, with it, he can hide in the steam for a sneak attack, practically boil his enemies alive with the steam, or use it as an escape.

Shukaku: The Bijju sealed inside of Gaara, and is known as the one tailed Raccoon dog, or the spirit of the sand, Shukaku is discribed as mad, incoherent, and a real servence to want to kill anyone insight, his blood lust even more so on a full moon.

However he slightly chilled out upon awakening (slightly), and has shown some additional sides to him, some of him being a pervert and a voriphile (meaning he enjoys swallowing live humans whole).

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While with her Bijju, due to it being a manifestation of human darkness in their hearts, it made Amaru sensitive enough to be able to sense dark human emotions, and minorly, able to manipulate Negative dark chakra from the Zero tails.

As according to legends, Nekomata cats are capable of Necromancy, which Nibi is capable of doing, which in turn taught to Yugito.

Along with that, Yugito is capable of manipulating Nibis demonic Chakra to encase herself in a cloak in order to damage her opponents, as well as extend her nails to be a weapon as well as control Nibis blue hellfire flames (which is the hottest fire in all of the cartoon realm)Holder of the three tailed demon turtle, and former Mizukage of the Village hidden in the mist, Yagura is a calm and calculating young man, who has a good hold of control of his tailed beast, but both halves were driven mad when Mandera used his Sharingan eye to induce nightmare hallucinations which drove Yagura to trigger the mist blood purge wars, that nearly drove to the extinction of several blood line users of mist.

With the awakening in the hyna squad, Yaggura and Isobu were both permently freed from the control Mandra placed on the two, and had started to bond with the fellow Jinjuuriki and Bijju, and had appologized to the few Kiri mist hyna members for his actions, while under Mandras Genjutsu.

As the three-tailed turtle Jinchuuriki, Yagura can manipulate water and as with all of Jinchuuriki he has massive chakra reserves that allows him to use a large variety of water jutsu and water manipulation (which is his main chakra Veteran shinobi of the great Ninja wars, Roshi left his home village as so he can learn to tame and master control of his bijuu.